R e l e a s e s


Now entering their seventh year as a duo, Scandinavian duo Vigiland have created another thrilling new single due for release on February 28th. The dance/pop act are sitting at an unbelievable amount global streams–more than 1 billionand counting–and have had 2 Swedish Grammy nominations. Multiple Number 1 singles like ‘Shots & Squats,’ ‘UFO’ and ‘Pong Dance’ have secured Vigiland as wildly successful producers and artists; set to continue well beyond 2020.

2018 saw their first four-track EP land through Universal Sweden and they return to the label for ‘We Don’t Talk Enough,’ a tune made with MHA. Showing a mature, emotive edge to their song writing, the record shines vibrantly with vocal melodies and a power-pop beat.

Using a range of instruments in their signature style, ‘We Don’t Talk Enough’ builds from subtle beginnings with soaring dynamics and a soulful top-line that hits you straight in the feels. Ready for a dancefloor but primed for listening at any time of the day or night, Vigiland have again smashed it with this track.