R e l e a s e s

Roman Kouder

The same applies for immersive and sensory music as for mysterious beings: it is by gently taming them that we can better understand them and appreciate them...

There is a lot of this kind of thing going on in Roman Kouder’s songs. Hehas firmly established himselfas one of the French electro up-and-comers, with his first group Crayon,laterthe Kube project, releasing trackswith Carbon Kevlar, Patawawa (on the EP Back to life), Audiobot (on 1994), Regards Coupables (sur Mystery) or the excellent Josh Tobias(on the trackLost). Roman Kouder signed with MCA/Universal Music France in 2018.

Followingthe great success of his single “Rush” in autumn2018 which reached number 1 on the FG playlist (the topelectro radiostation) and played quasi-constantly onVirgin Radio, Roman Kouder, going from strength to strength, has recently released a new EP "Youth" in collaboration withAna Zimmer, Maribelle & Josh Tobias.

This new and very ambitious artistic expression by Roman Kouder marks a turning point in his career,reaching a wider range of mediaand radio playliststhan ever before. This is the reason why we are supported by the Ping Pong agency for the promotion of this EP.

The first single "Shame" with Ana Zimmer iscomplementedby the release of an ultra-popular eroticvideo clip directed by Regard Coupables, (with more than 780k subscribers on Instagram),giving an extramediaamplitude to the project andwhichbenefitedfrom excellent coverage in the independent media (Tsugi, Greenroom, Trax Magazine...).

The release of this new EP is supplementedby a video of therecord"Made Up", combining an extraordinaryelectro-style offeringwith an emotionally poignant video directed by Ojoz and supported by mediaoutletssuch as FIP, Trax or M6.