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Killa Shit Funk ft. G.L.A.M.

Black Caviar

Some guys get together in a “man cave”and play fantasy sports for as long as they can on Saturday and Sundayfueled by pizza and beer.Troy Hinson and Jared Piccone don’t play fantasy football, but that doesn’t mean they don’t let goat the end of the week...

Rather, their Sunday ritual involved the same “booze and greasy food,”but it centered around writing, recording, and distributing hip-hop-influenced housemusic under the name Black Caviar.

“We wanted to make beats and write songswith no expectation other than to have a good time,” explains Troy. “It wasn’t supposed to be serious, but we found a sound. We’ve both been around the blockin so many different bands. If we were going to do a project, it had to be unique and different. Once people started organically reacting, we began to actually take it seriously.”

“That meant I had to lose some weight, so I could get back on stage,” laughs Jared.

With a friendship that dates back to the local Reading, PAscene where they both grew up, Troy and Jared cut their teeth playing in rock, metal, and hardcore bands within the same scene. Post-college, Jared would go on to co-found Innerpartysystem and land a major label deal, while Troy took a job at SiriusXM.Following the breakup of Innerpartysystem, Jared took a job at Republic Records. Bookending weeks at industry day jobs in 2015with Jared working at Republic Records for three years, the two hunkered down and cut a few covers for funat Jared’s. They uploaded their take onModjo’s“Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” to Spotify, and it exploded. “Lady”amassed nearly 10 million streams followed by “New York, What’s Happenin’?” [feat. Kool Keith] at 2.9 million streams, while “Touch It” and “Good Lovin’” both cracked the million-mark.

The process of being able toeasily (andleisurely)share music proved inspiring to the two veteran musicians.

“When we grew up in bands, you had to actually make a cassette or a CD and hand it to people,” says Troy. “That’s not the case anymore! Within a day or two of working on a tune, it’s outthefor the world to hearon Spotify. That really encouraged us.”

Inspired by a love for Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Pharrell, Timbaland, and The Beastie Boys, they cooked up a dynamic, danceable style rife with hip-hop attitude and throwback beats that proudly rep their homebase of New York City.

“It’s dance, but it’s not EDM,” Jared clarifies. “It’s more urban and club even though you can move to it. It goes back to the fact we like choruses, hooks, and refrains.”

Signed to Casablanca Records, their 2017 single “Coco” [feat. u.n.i.] tempers finger-snapsand a pulsating soundscape with a hilarious hook, “She got the coco puffs.”Continuing their hot streak, it immediately resonated online generating over 979K plays in under a couple months.

As Black Caviar goes from ahobby to a full-time touring powerhouse,the duo maintainsthe spirit of the weekend...

“We want to counter the culture of craziness,” Troy leaves off. “Dance music should be fun. It should be an escape. People get on the dance floor to escape the daily bullshit they deal with. When you hear this, I hope you want to move.”